Congratulations to Tubby Trousers, and thanks for a fun night! Great set by all the bands! Thank you to Joe for having us! =)

Thank you to Ben de Leon for these beautiful shots! =)

Big thanks to Eric Perpetua, Kerwin Rosete and to Jam 88.3 for having us! Shout out to to Jugs Jugeta for his support to us. We’re very honored to be part of the tribute album! Great performances and renditions by all of the bands that were part of it! What a fun night! Congratulations to The Dawn for 25 years! =]


Lip Service photos by Ben de Leon. =] Many thanks Ben!


Many thanks to Vernon Go, Roel Sotto, Joey Dizon, Chris Ramos, SM skydome and PULP staff and to General Luna for a fun day!

Great set by all the bands and it was nice meeting everyone! =)

The Dawn Rocks Handlebar feat. Pin-Ups, Treadstone & Lip Service!

I See You - Fundraising Event